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Wayne Gooden 

INSPIRE - CREATE - ENCOURAGE Hi, I'm Wayne Gooden and my greatest joy and passion is photography. My days are filled with either shooting or editing. I've captured a lot of life on my journey. I love a good laugh and find great energy in every aspect of photography.

Portraits and Weddings bring me a lot of joy because of the interaction with my subjects. Creating powerful and beautiful images for my clients and have them express their satisfaction is a huge boost for me.

I'm a Dallas native currently living in Richardson, Texas. My clients are not only in Dallas, but East Texas and Southern Oklahoma. I'll pretty much go anywhere. I do a lot of headshots for High School and Universities and I work with a select group of models for styled shoots for brand content for businesses. I strive to put my clients at ease with humor and a good attitude.

I think you should like your photographer!

Give me a call and let's put something creative together.


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