Matt Reeves Wins The American Rodeo Steer Wrestling Championship

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As a young boy growing up in a 3 generation farrier business, I quickly found myself being a barn brat. Hanging around show rings and arenas offering to warm up horses, clean stalls, sweep the barn and countless hours sitting on hay bales listening to cowboys talk about The Waggoner Ranch, Rodeos, Training, crazy horses and crazy women.

My grandfather tried to teach me the trade, but finally grew impatient when I would rather ride than be under a horse all day. I grew up in Dallas and my grandfather made the rounds to all the big stables in the area Glen Lakes Stables, Lover’s Lane Stables, White Rock Stables and Circle K Farms way out in Plano. Back then 75 was a two lane road out to Plano. I thought it was so far out there. My heroes were E.B. (Banty) Stewart who was the first man to ever let me ride his horses … Tex Oddson who let me ride a white dapple named Misty every week we came out. When we went out to Mr. Baker’s house to shoe his show Palominos … I would groom those horses until they shined.

My best friend was a hand at Glen Lakes Stables, Chico Rodriquez. He and his dad Mike had worked for Mr. Stewart for years. Chico took care of all the rent horses for Mrs. Stewart for all the city slickers that would come out and ride for an hour. Chico rode this awesome gray roan called Brandy. I dreamed of a day that I could ride that horse. Sadly, Chico went to Vietnam to serve our country and never came home. That was my childhood.

Later my wife and I bought a place out in Pilot Point, Texas and raised paint horses for several years. I would go to the neighbors for ropings and rodeos in the area.

Now, we’ve sold the ranch and I capture photos of bronc, bull, ropers and barrel races. Can’t get it out of my system.

Here, I will show some of my stuff or you can go to my rodeo photography page for more. 

I’m available for hire.

I’ll see you down the road.

Wayne Gooden

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